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How to do if the sea buckthorn juice with open cover can't be drunk in time

Time:2020-11-27 Edit: List

With the development of science and technology, people have improved the quality of life and the pursuit of health. The demand for drinks is not only good-looking and delicious, but also its nutritional value. Seabuckthorn juice has attracted many people's attention because of its unique taste and nutritional value. As a beverage, it must have a shelf life. How should this kind of product be stored?

Hippophae rhamnoides juice is a kind of fruit juice extracted from the fruits of the same plant with high concentration and nutrition. Therefore, it is very important to preserve the air for a long time. The quality of preservation method determines the length of preservation period. If the freshly bought Hippophae rhamnoides juice is closed, the shelf life indicated on the product can be used as a reference. During this period, there will be no qualitative change. The shelf life of different brands and manufacturers is also different, generally within 1-2 years.


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