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The growth process and characteristics of seabuckthorn were introduced

Time:2020-11-27 Edit: List

Hippophae rhamnoides is a kind of plant which grows in some special environment. Its fruit with the same name has a lot of nutrition. Many people like it very much. In addition, they have some medicinal value, which can be used to improve some diseases. This kind of plant belongs to positive tree species, like sunlight. Although it can grow in loose forest, it can't adapt to some forest areas with luxuriant trees. It doesn't require high land for growth, but it doesn't like ponding. It can grow well in some areas with annual precipitation of 400 mm. It has good adaptability to temperature, from - 50 ℃ to 50 above zero Both of them can grow.

Seabuckthorn, as mentioned above, is a habit after growing up. For this kind of plant in seedling stage, it is relatively delicate. It is afraid of strong light, high temperature and sun exposure, and also afraid of ponding. In the slow growth of about one year, we will have the ability to survive the winter safely. In the second year, the growth rate will accelerate and enter a peak period of four to six years. Generally, it will begin to bear fruit in the third year, and then it will reach its peak in the fifth year or so.


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