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Do you know what Seabuckthorn does

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Hippophae rhamnoides is rich in nutritional value, and its fruit contains many vitamins, also known as black thorn and vinegar willow. It is mainly distributed in North China, Northwest China and southwest China. It is drought resistant and windy sand resistant.

Hippophae rhamnoides is a precious economic forest tree species. Because of its many kinds of natural vitamins, the fruit can be processed into juice, wine, jam, jelly, etc. besides being edible, it also has high medicinal value and can provide various microorganisms needed by human body. It can be edible and medicinal. There are more and more institutions and enterprises researching and developing Seabuckthorn products in the world The further development of its industry will drive the development of seabuckthorn processing industry in mountainous areas. Farmers can increase their income by harvesting this crop and promote economic development.

Although Seabuckthorn is of high medicinal value, it is only a kind of fruit after all. It can not replace drugs to treat diseases directly, but only plays an auxiliary role in the treatment. It can not be mixed with alkaline substances and is suitable for people to drink. It is not suitable for infants and children with body heat,

There are more than 200 kinds of active substances in seabuckthorn oil which are beneficial to human body. They have many effects and can promote wound healing.


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