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Seabuckthorn juice has a lot of improvement to human body

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Seabuckthorn juice contains flavonoids, which can clean up oxygen free radicals and hydroxyl oxygen free radicals in the human body. These two chemicals accumulate in the body for a long time, which will accelerate the decline of the body. Drinking sea buckthorn juice often is beneficial to preventing aging. Seabuckthorn has a lot of vitamin C, sodium citrate, gluconic acid and carotene. It can stimulate the metabolism of the tongue gland and submandibular gland. It can produce fluid and quench thirst. It is suitable for eating in summer. It can reduce dry mouth and dry tongue. It also has the effect of reducing fire, clearing heat, eliminating dampness and relieving cough.

Seabuckthorn juice is rich in carbohydrate, citric acid and other nutritional elements. It can stimulate the metabolism of gastric juice, and then has the function of invigorating the spleen and opening the stomach and soothing the liver. It is suitable for the treatment of indigestion, abdominal distension, stomach disease, gastric and duodenal ulceration, colitis, etc. It also has the effect of nourishing and beautifying, and can help to lighten the age spots. As the dismutase in Hippophae rhamnoides is a kind of superoxide, it has a very good antioxidant effect, and can reasonably reduce the melanin in the deep layer of skin tissue and make the skin better.


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