Aikon seabuckthorn Group is a corporation with the core business covering seabuckthorn industry development and seabuckthorn culture transmission. The Group composes of several companies including Shaanxi Aikon Seabuckthorn Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Aikon Seabuckthorn Foods Co., Ltd., Gansu Aikon Seabuckthorn Products Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Dakang Seabuckthorn Technologies Co., Ltd. Aikon Seabuckthorn Group is a hi-tech enterprise with the integration of scientific research, production and sale. Shaanxi Aikon seabuckthorn Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the affiliated enterprise of former Department of Water Resources, the professional manufacturer specialized in seabuckthorn industry jointly established by Shaanxi Seabuckthorn Oil Factory and Hong Kong capital, and the professional pharmaceutical company for producing seabuckthorn. Vice Premier of the State Council Tian Jiyun and commissioner Chen Junsheng provided the inscription pleasantly as “It has bright prospect to develop seabuckthorn” and “benefit people to develop seabuckthorn” after visiting our company, which has promoted the development of seabuckthorn to a higher level. 

Own Base: 2.30 million mu of seabuckthorn base, stable quality and traceable product. 

Quality and Good Fruits: Hometown of seabuckthorn in China, elevation ranges 2000-3941m, wild without pollution, special small fruit seabuckthorn 

Scientific Research Strength: jointly develop with Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, Shaanxi Provincial Tumor Hospital and Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Center with the scientific research achievements ranking leading in the industry. 

Advanced Technology: Adopt the world advanced CO2 super-critical extracting technology, the product quality is under guarantee. 

Reputed Brand: Aikon Seabuckthorn Chinese Oil has earned high popularity in the market  for over 20 years. 


Zhangxian county was officially named "the hometown of seabuckthorn in China"


Strict requirements to do a good job in each process

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